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Recession Proof Your Finances

December 7th


FREE one-hour masterclass designed to help you

financially prepare for a recession

In this Live Zoom session + Q&A, we will cover ways to recession proof your finances so you can control your money & feel secure despite what’s happening in our economy.

Wednesday, December 7th

3pm HI / 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

(if you can't make the live call, a recording will be sent to all registrants)

Giving you actionable financial tools so you can learn how to take control of your finances and prepare for uncertain economic times

"Recession" is a scary word

We might remember our parents experiencing financial hardship during the Great Recession. The thought of experiencing financial difficulty is scary. 

Let's change this.

Let's learn how to prepare our finances for a recession.

and the best part, it's completely free

On December 7th you’re invited as I teach you how to prepare your finances for a recession.

Society tells us to take a passive approach to our finances: money comes in, money goes out, it is what it is 

The reality is: we are responsible for telling our money what to do. No one else

And I'll let you in on a secret, once your start actively controlling where your money goes, you have the ability to no longer fear recessions or economic downturns 🙌 


During this 1 hr Masterclass, I’m going to keep it real & not put you under a cloud of fear and scarcity - but show you what a recession actually means, how it impacts your finances, and what you can do to prepare.

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