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Maui Wildfire update:
please help!

over $92,000 raised and counting
oday your $10 can turn into $100

Hello all,


I live on Maui. As you know, on August 8th, 2023 we were hit with devastating wildfires.


As a result, 97 people have died and 7,500 people are currently displaced. 


Please check out out this 5 min video that captures the status of Lahaina, Maui, one month after the fires.


Many of you have been asking how you can help and where you can donate!




If you would like to make a real difference: use this link or send all donations to my Venmo:

@godinoa and title “Maui Fire Donation”


I am so honored to announce that I have partnered with my incredible client, Michal Panis (big island native), and her employer to raise money that goes directly to the victims of the fires.


And the best part? 


Everything we raise here together will be matched by 10 TIMES 🎉 


That means if you donate $10, her employer will turn it into $100. 

$25 turns into $250

$50 turns into $500

$100 turns onto $1,000

$1,000 turns into $10,000 


How epic is that?


100% of all money we raise here together will go to Fresh Help Maui, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting those in need from the wildfires with daily meals and supplies including clothing, transportation, gasoline, and more as needs continue to evolve. 


Fresh Help Maui was born as a result of the fires and is a dynamic organization tending to the needs of fire victims as we speak. They are all volunteering their time and resources, so 100% of donations go directly to the victims (not their own operating expenses). 😊


With the help of the 10x match, the smallest donation can go FAR to help victims in need. 


$30 turns into $300. That’s a week’s worth of food for a family. And that’s real. 


That’s what people need. Real help right now.


We are pooling all donations, and Michal's employer will match 10x directly to Fresh Help Maui 🤙


Please forward this to ANYONE and EVERYONE you know who wants to help. The 10x match is too epic to pass up on, but quickly! 


7,500 people have lost every single thing they own, many including pets. 


 - Imagine what you would do if you had no home, no place to go, no car, no computer, no phone, no wallet, or even shoes. 

 - How would you call for help? 


 - How would you be able to feed yourself or your family? 

 - How would you purchase food?

 - You no longer have an address to send a new credit card.

That’s what every single Lahaina resident is faced with right now. 


Lahaina Town is flattened. People have lost loved ones, jobs, businesses, and all sense of place where they call home. 


The devastating fire was months ago, but the need for help is only just beginning. Lahaina residents are currently, right now as we speak, living a nightmare.


So I come to you today asking for your help. 


If you have ever been to Maui or the Hawaiian Islands, I strongly urge you to consider donating today. This island has touched and supported so many people, it’s time for us to help and give back.


Please forward this to ANYONE and EVERYONE you know who wants to help. The 10x match is too epic to pass up on.


If you would like to donate directly to Fresh Help Maui, that works too! Here is their link where you can donate to them directly! You will just forfeit the 10x match!


If you can't participate financially today, please help us by forwarding and/ or reposting this to as many people as possible 🤙


Mahalo nui loa,

Alysse & Michal

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