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Hey, I'm Alysse

I am the Founder of Saffron Money, adventurer, surfer, earth lover, and I am passionate about making wealth creation accessible to all. I believe that with the right tools & guidance, everyone can create 7-figure wealth. And that's what we do here.

My Story:

After graduating from Cornell University, I went right to work in Investment Banking in San Francisco. And let me tell you, Wall Street is no joke - crazy hours, ridiculous expectations, deadlines, and oh... bro culture. If you want to find some Chads in monogramed Patagonia vests, look no further. 

It wasn't all bad though, I worked with some incredibly talented people and received an amazing education about money and how our financial system & economy works.


I also learned that making money is not the same as having money. And thus, I decided early on that I wanted to generate some serious wealth for myself. It wasn't necessarily the money I was after, but rather the options money could provide.

After 5 years of the Wall Street grind, Maui happened....

I had the opportunity to visit Maui for a beautiful long weekend in March of 2018. As I was sitting on the beach with my red-eye flight back to San Francisco just hours away, I was overcome by this overwhelming feeling that Maui was the place for me and the life I wanted to live. My soul felt satiated - I had never felt this way before, and was feeling I wasn't willing to give up.

So I did it. 

The next day when I got back to the office, I gave my notice! It was scary to jump off the cliff, so to speak, but it was scarier to think of passing up the opportunity to find fulfillment. It also helped that my money was working hard for me and in a place that allowed me to take the plunge without further planning. 


Two weeks later, I flew back to Maui and have been here ever since. 

Once on Maui and away from the Wall Street world, I realized the huge unmet need for personal finance and financial advising for millennials. The existing financial advising was only reserved for the "already wealthy".  I started helping my friends out with which accounts to open, what to do with their investments, debt, student loans, savings accounts, etc. Then I started charging for it, and Saffron Money was born! 

Almost 6 years later, I am still here - adventuring, surfing, and helping women & couples learn to be good with money so they can confidently take on the world.

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