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Success Stories

Elena, 24 San Francisco

Elena was afraid to look her finances in the face and nervous about her spending habits. Now she is confronting her money head on by using a monthly budget, feeling comfortable with her savings plan, and no longer intimidated to look at her credit card charges.

"The most meaningful thing so far was the time Alysse spent with me on the phone looking through my finances and creating my balance sheet. She spent three hours with me and I’m so grateful for it! I wouldn’t have been able to make all of this progress without her, thank you thank you thank you. Seriously I needed her touch - I couldn’t have done this with an online service like Mint or Intuit" Elena 

Bri, 27 Maui

Bri went from having credit card debt, student loans, no retirement plan, and no savings, to paying off all her debts in full, "owning her retirement" by creating a targeted retirement contribution plan, and saving $5,000 within two months for her emergency savings and travel fund.

"If that's not girl power, I don't know what is" Bri

Kate, 26 San Francisco

Kate went from having credit card debt, and no student loan payment plan to paying off her credit card in full, starting to fund her emergency savings, and owning her student loan payment plan.

"Alysse and Saffron Money helped empower to take control of my finances" Kate

Anonymous, 70 Marin County

This client started off not knowing where all her money was going, how to best make her money work for her, now she has consolidated her various (no yield) checking accounts, appropriately funded her emergency savings fund. 

"Alysse helped mobilize me to consolidate accessible funds into higher yielding savings."  Anon. Client

Anonymous, 58 Maui

This anonymous client​ had thousands of dollars in cold hard cash physically stashed away. Not only were they losing money due to inflation, but the greenbacks were at risk (for example if the house burned down, or rats found the money). Now, this client is earning a heathy 2.35% return on their cash in a high yield savings account and the money is safe from fire, theft, and vermin.


"Through Alysse's simplified approach and communication, I could see the bigger picture and implications of my finances and be able to make better decisions." Anon. Client 


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