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Financial PLan


Accountability Partner

We learn NOTHING about money or personal finance in school, so how can we be expected to be good at money? 

You will learn:

🤓 Key personal finance metrics 

🤓 Important money and finance terms

🤓 Why I hate budgeting 

🤓The 5 "must have" accounts

🤓 The 7 "Financial Commandments"

🤓 The 3 "Financial Phases"

🤓 Beginner Investing 

🤓 Advanced Investing 

and so much more!

I'll let you in on a secret -100% of rich people have financial plans that helped them become rich, and ensure that they stay rich

I believe that everyone deserves a financial plan, not just rich people 

✅ I create a customized financial plan for  all clients

✅ A financial plan acts as a road map so you know exactly where to put your money to reach your goals and generate wealth 

✅ 100% personalized for you to reach your specific financial goals and live your dream life 

Money happens everyday. This is a longterm relationship


Money is more than numbers, it's personal, complicated and emotional

I am your partner along this journey and will be by your side 100% of the way - through ups and downs, good and bad

I offer unlimited support for my clients in between sessions to help you navigate your money as issues come up

As you enter different financial phases and reach milestones, your financial plan will change and grow as you do!

it works:

100% of my ongoing clients have more money


My clients did almost $1,00,000 in

savings + debt repayment in the first half of 2021

There is no "One Size Fits All" with money and personal finances. you deserve someone who cares and caters to you.


During our complimentary consult call, we will determine what path makes most sense for you

based on your unique financial situation

Everyone deserves a Financial Plan & path to wealth,
not just rich people 

So whaddah you say?

are you ready to make money moves?