Hey, I'm Alysse Godino

I am a money & personal finance coach, Mauian transplant, soul surfer, and earth lover. I believe that everyone deserves to be good with money.


I want to live in a world where every woman is provided a financial education, a financial plan, and an accountability partner so she confidently puts her money to work for her. 

I can say from personal experience, the better you are with money, the better your life can be.... You can literally do anything you want. Even quit your job at a moment's notice and move to an island to surf everyday 😝

Story time...

After graduating from Cornell University, I went right to work in Investment Banking in San Francisco. And let me tell you, Wall Street is no joke - crazy long hours, ridiculous expectations, deadlines, and oh... bro culture. If you want to find some Chads in monogramed Patagonia vests, look no further. 

It wasn't all bad though, I worked with great people and got an amazing education about money and how our financial system works. I also learned that making money is not the same as keeping money. And thus, I decided early on that I wanted to make sure I was doing exactly the right things with my money so I could take advantage of this great opportunity and learnings. It wasn't the money I was after, but rather the options money could provide.

After 5 years of the corporate grind, Maui happened....

I had the opportunity to visit Maui for a beautiful long weekend in March of 2018. As I was sitting on the beach with my red-eye flight back to San Francisco, all of a sudden I knew that Maui was the place for me and the life I wanted to live. My soul felt satiated - and that was a feeling I wasn't willing to give up.

So I did it. 

Two weeks later I quit my job and hopped on a one-way flight to Maui. (And never once thought about the money)

3 years later, I am still here - adventuring, surfing (if the waves are good 🤙), and helping women learn to be good with money so they can confidently take on the world