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Financial Planning for women & couples who want to learn exactly what to do with their money to live their fullest lives while preparing for a 7-figure future


Hey, I'm Alysse. I am on a mission to democratize wealth creation and I help women & couples like you learn exactly what to do with your money.

I believe that with the right tools & guidance, everyone can build 7-figure wealth.

My mission is simple: I want women to have more money.  And I do this by providing  financial education + financial planning + accountability to help my clients confidently reach a 7-figure portfolio. 


This is our secret sauce and it works.


100% of my ongoing clients have more money and 100% of my clients are on a 7-figure path.

Let's get to know each other. Can you afford not to?


Grab my Free
4 part mini course

No one is born knowing how money works.

If we did, then ...

❌  77% of Americans wouldn't report feeling stress and/ or anxiety

❌  Finances wouldn't be the the leading cause of divorce 

❌  8 out of 10 Americans wouldn't have non-mortgage debt

Let's learn exactly what to do with our money once and for all!


I've created a FREE mini course designed to help you learn your key personal finance numbers and their importance to kick start your financial planning & wealth creation journey! 

You deserve the knowledge, tools, and guidance to financially thrive.



Financial Planning that works:


100% of my clients have more money.

100% of my clients are now on a 7-figure path.

You can to.

WhaT Clients are Saying:

"I highly recommend working with Alysse! She makes financial education extremely approachable and does an incredible job customizing based on your personal situation. Regardless of where you are at in your financial journey, I guarantee Alysse can make a positive impact. Since working with Alysse, my relationship with money has completely transformed. I used to avoid looking at my bank accounts. I now enjoy checking in on them, making money moves every pay day, and seeing my savings grow."

My Top 3 Financial Accomplishments:


  1. "I have a clear understanding of my fixed expenses and am much more mindful of expenses that do not bring me joy. This has allowed me to automate over 40% of my paycheck between savings, 401K and brokerage accounts. 

  2. I have a fully funded emergency savings account that provides me comfort and security if something unexpected happens. 

  3. My net worth increased 2.6x in just one year working with Alysse!"

Anonymous 30, Southern California

"In the words of Nike, just do it. You won’t ever look back. Taking everything two weeks at a time when it comes to budgeting, paying bills, and investing is so much more approachable than “budgeting” and “investing” in general. The practical approach that Alysse showed me is something I’ll continue to do for the rest of my life. Since I get paid every two weeks, it makes sense to reset and reevaluate how I want to manage that money vs. thinking about budgeting in general which can be exceptionally daunting."

My Top 3 Financial Accomplishments:

  1. "Redistribute part of my $30K savings into a high-yield savings account as emergency savings & to max out my Roth IRA for 2021 to actually make my money work for me. 

  2. Creating an investment account outside of my retirement savings & contributing to it every two weeks. Getting into the habit of contributing at least a little per pay cycle has been invaluable to me.

  3. Getting a handle on my mandatory spending vs. discretionary spending. Something Alysse said to me early on when discussing a particularly large expense was “will that actually bring you joy and make you happy?” and you know what? It wouldn’t have."

Kristena 29, New York City

"Working with Saffron Money is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself to make me feel secure, empowered and confident about the future.  I genuinely think Saffron Money can benefit anyone - whether it’s a few sessions or meeting consistently on every pay day. In the 2.5 years I have been working with Alysse, I don’t think there is a week that goes by that I do not bring her up to a friend, family member, or acquaintance which speaks to the profound positive influence working with her has had on my life."

My Top 3 Financial Accomplishments:

  1. "Getting out and staying out of debt

  2. Fully funded emergency fund 

  3. Opening up and maxing out a Roth IRA for 2020 & 2021"

Keaton 29, San Francisco

"I am so happy I found you! You should start sooner than later! Money should not be scary, this is your future and you are in control."

My Top 3 Financial Accomplishments:

  1. "Being able to look at my accounts without judgment and create a game plan that will work for my lifestyle and hold me accountable. 

  2. I have been able to pay off 75% of my credit card debt, all while moving to a new city. 

  3. Realizing what I need in order to be financially fit currently and for the future. Also it’s great to have someone who is educated in the field to ask questions."

Izzy 29, Chicago

"Do it!  It will be a life changing experience.  Understanding your financial picture, taking accountability and ownership, and understanding how to make your money work for you is a game changer.  No matter what your circumstances, working with Saffron Money will help you become more financially stable.  You will learn so much and build wealth. Wow - so many breakthroughs!  I think the first one that I realized early on when we first started working together is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can still get out of debt and save.  I’ve also felt empowered as I take control of my money and put it to use for me.  It’s empowering to feel more in control."

My Top 3 Financial Accomplishments:

  1. "Eliminating my debt

  2. Establishing a emergency savings

  3. Being empowered to negotiate my compensation"

Heather, Boston

"I have been doing some reflection over this past year of 2021 and I am still in disbelief about my money numbers!! Since we started working together 2 years ago, my net worth has increased by $230K!!! That's insane! Considering I started out at just $2K (I know we all start somewhere!). So thankful to be working with Alysse and how much she has helped, not only my portfolio & savings, but also my mindset about money. Keep doing awesome work and pumped about what we have coming in 2022! 🚀

Kitty 31, Miami

"Before Brent and I went to Ireland to get married, we decided we needed to get in control of our finances. We weren’t making much money and had accumulated a lot of debt. Most of our fights at the time revolved around money. We had agreed money wouldn’t buy us happiness but it sure helps as you’re trying to build the foundation of your marriage. And boy - we had racked up some debt. 33k to be exact. Why? Life happens. Medical, job losses, oh…and stupid young and dumb decisions. We weren’t upset that it happened, but felt like we were never going to be able to be on the other side of that. That the debt would aways keep us from living out best lives. My friend Jennifer, introduced us to Alysse as she had just started working with her. We are SO DAMN grateful Jennifer did. Alysse has utterly changed our lives. Working with her has led us on a path to financial freedom, not just debt freedom. We never thought we’d be able to not stress about things like money to go on a vacation or buy a house. A house?!? In CA? Now we see these things becoming reality. So today, we are doing a little happy dance are are EXTREMELY grateful to our financial advisor and friend, Alysse. She will change your life with her grit, whit and incredible kindness.” 

Meghan & Brent 29, San Francisco

"The most meaningful thing so far was the 1x1 time Alysse spent with me looking through my finances and creating my balance sheet. She spent three hours with me upfront and I’m so grateful for it! I wouldn’t have been able to make all of this progress without her, thank you thank you thank you. Seriously I needed her touch - I couldn’t have done this without her" 

Elena 27, San Francisco

"In a matter of two months, Alysse helped me pay off my credit cards and student loans in full (!!!!!) and helped me save $5,000 for my emergency savings and travel fund to live abroad. If that's not girl power, I don't know what is."

Bri 29, Maui​ (now Mexico)

"Alysse helped me finally feel in control of my finances. Each paycheck, I now know what to put in my savings, what to contribute to my Roth IRA, and what to put down on my student loan. It feels great to confidently know I am putting my money to work for me."

Kate 29, San Francisco

"This was really the boost I needed heading into the New Year. It’s so great to have something going right now and her guidance gave me that” 

Megan 31, SF Bay Area

“I had no idea how badly I needed to work through my spending and finances with someone, and it has been so helpful to know how much allocated funds I have per category. So thank you!"

Becca 28, New Haven 

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